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Suffering from Yellowing Teeth? These Culprits May Be to Blame

Everybody knows that a brighter, whiter smile can make you appear younger and healthier looking. That is why teeth whitening procedures and over-the-counter products are so popular. But one of the best ways to maintain your pearly whites actually begins with what you eat and drink, and some foods and beverages are bigger culprits than others. To follow are some of the worst offenders for yellowing your teeth.

Soda And Sports Drinks
Cola and other sodas contain citric and phosphoric acids that wear down tooth enamel. And sports drinks have been shown to contain even higher levels of acids than soda, making them major culprits for turning your teeth yellow.

Black Tea
Black tea contains large amounts of tannins that adhere to the tooth enamel. This in turn causes tooth yellowing. Opt for green tea instead, which is healthier and less likely to discolor your teeth.

With its dark color, red wine would be a factor for yellowing your teeth. It is also full of harmful acidic tannins. White wine also contains tannins making it just as bad as red wine.

Sugary Treats
Hard candies that you leave in your mouth for long periods of time, lead to yellow teeth due to their high sugar content. If a candy stains your tongue, it is probably more likely to stain your teeth.

Dark table condiments such as soy sauce, balsamic vinegar and ketchup can lead to yellower teeth. After consuming any of these condiments, it is a good idea to sip some water to get rid of any stain inducing acids.

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