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5 Signs That You Could Benefit from a Night Guard

When we grind our teeth, this bad habit can cause our teeth to age quickly and cause jaw problems. Teeth grinding can also cause teeth to fracture and can deteriorate the appearance of our smile. Millions of Americans suffer from a teeth grinding habit. Our dental practice offers night guards, so that you can enjoy a healthy and comfortable smile. Below are five signs you may benefit from a night guard.

Morning Headaches Or Migraines
Headaches, migraines, facial muscles, sore shoulders, head muscles, and ringing in your ears all indicate a teeth grinding habit. Patients who seek treatment with a night guard often enjoy a dramatic reduction of symptoms.

Prematurely Worn Teeth
We have teeth that are different lengths and have a layer of enamel that protects them. People who have a grinding habit often have teeth that are completely sheared off, making them appear all the same length. You may also notice darker dentin on chewing surfaces of your teeth.

Cracked Or Fractured Teeth
A nighttime clenching and grinding habit often leads to chipped, cracked, or fractured teeth. We can examine your teeth to see if the damage has occurred from teeth grinding.

Excessive Sensitivity
Teeth grinding can cause gum recession and results in sensitive teeth. If cool air, cold drinks, or chewing cold temperature foods gives you a sensitive zing, a night guard can definite help.

Bony Growths Under Your Tongue
If you have suffered from teeth grinding for many years, eventually you can develop bony growths beneath your tongue. These bony growths are called tori, can make it difficult to speak properly and can feel quite sensitive. A night guard will not eliminate tori, but it can reduce or stop their growth rate.

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If you happen to notice any of these signs and suspect you may be grinding your teeth, we welcome you to give our dental office a call to schedule an appointment. We will perform a thorough evaluation in our relaxing office to determine if teeth grinding is the root of what you are experiencing. For more information or to schedule your branding session, call us today at (203) 293 2522.