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Common Dental Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

We all know the importance of scheduling our routine six-month dental checkups, but some dental ailments warrant immediate attention. Our dental practice offers services for all dental health concerns. Below are a few symptoms you should never ignore.

Tooth Pain Or Sensitivity
If you notice irritation when your teeth are exposed to hot and cold or sugar, you are experiencing sensitivity. Sensitive gums or teeth can result from a variety of ailments including root exposure, gum recession, a cavity, a cracked, chipped or damaged tooth, tooth grinding or clenching and more. Sensitive teeth can be one of the first signs of a problem and the best time to treat any issues are before significant damage occurs.

Cracked, Broken Or Chipped Teeth
While a cracked or broken filling or tooth is a clear sign of damage, many of us still avoid a trip to the dentist. This may be due to fear that the damaged tooth will be too costly to fix. Or we simply get used to the crack or chip and assume all is well. In the long run, ignoring tooth damage can lead to significant and costly problems.

Bad Breath
Eating onions, garlic and other strong tasting foods can cause temporary bad breath but halitosis that lingers may be a sign of something more significant such as trapped bacteria or food, gum disease, even an underlying health issue. Do not let the embarrassment of bad breath hold you back from a visit to the dentist.

Bleeding Gums
Aggressive flossing and brushing, or an unseen cut to the gum can cause a small amount of bleeding, but in general, you should never ignore bleeding gums. Bleeding gums signals inflammation and irritation which are often the first signs of gum disease.

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