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Cosmetic & General Dentistry

The field of dentistry is a broad profession that involves a lot of procedures and areas of specialization, all working together to achieve a united course. The core goal of these procedures is to help you grow and maintain healthy teeth naturally. It also protects you from oral infections and gives long-lasting confidence that comes from having healthy teeth.

So many techniques can be employed today in the dental world to assure a befitting smile to an individual. Lots of them – these services can be carried out irrespective of the age, technique, or complications. Many treatments (teeth whitening for natural and traumatized teeth, cosmic teeth bonding, dental implants, and our other amazing services) are available at our dentist office located in Norwalk, CT.

A practical example is in smile makeovers. Here, the dentist will inspect the primary cause of the condition to confirm that the problems are not really due to an unnoticed dental disease. After the confirmation, he can then, proceed to carry-on with cosmetic procedures that will restore an astonishing smile.

Cosmetic & General Dentistry Procedures

As we have established, the modern practice of dentistry encompasses a lot of services that will promote healthy teeth and overall oral health. Some of these advanced techniques include:

When Should You Visit The Dentist?

It is a bad practice among people to only visit the dentist when there is a threat to their oral health.  This can cause a lot of damage that should have been prevented at the early stage by visiting the dentist regularly.

Regular visits can save you from problems such as oral cancer and tooth decay because your doctor will discover these problems earlier before it becomes complicated.

However, the number of times we need to visit the dentist varies depending on the condition of each individual. Generally, it is advised to see the dentist at least once a year.

Your Smile Makeover

During your cosmetic makeover, the responsibility of expressing your dissatisfaction regarding the state of your smile and how you want the dentist to correct it solely lies on your shoulders. Here are crucial questions you should answer before proceeding with the steps:

  1. What correction would you love to be made to the color, size, shape, or spacing of your teeth?
  2. Are you okay with the extent of your teeth exposure whenever you smile or move your lips upward?
  3. What type of alignment do you want to make to your teeth? What specific color do you want, blazing white or a merely natural whitish color?
  4. How much exposure do you wish to give your gums whenever you smile?

You can also speed up the process and make it easier for the dentist to understand your specifications by getting pictures that depict what you want, how you want it, or the type of result you’re hoping to get from the process.

Therefore, do not hesitate to make that bold step today; get in touch with a dental doctor and create the perfect natural smile you’ve always desired.

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