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Mouthguards for Adults


The importance of a healthy lifestyle cannot be underestimated in our society presently. Over 150 million people engage in physical activity that helps to improve the overall wellness of the body. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, depression, anxiety, and obesity.

Exercise is an everyday activity, and during these sporting activities, individuals sometimes sustain dental-related injuries.

Although men are more vulnerable to it, we cannot exonerate the likelihood of women sustaining the injury too. Aside from that, the chances of sustaining the damage are higher in teenagers than adults, even though some adults develop more critical conditions after a sports-related dental injuries.

Sports like basketball create more exposure to the risk of sustaining dental-related injuries as compared to other contact sports like football or hockey.

Nevertheless, the American Dental Association has pinpointed some sports that expose individuals to a high risk of experiencing dental-related sports injuries. These sports include baseball, cycling, handball, skiing, surfing, and equestrian sports.

Do not be confused, the point here is not to discourage you from participation in these sports; of course, the advantages are more than the chances of mishaps taking place. However, you must understand that whenever such injuries occur, it can range from mild to severe cases which can cost a lot to correct.

So, it is better to take precaution.  What precaution do you need? Very straightforward!  Use protection that has been licensed by the American Dental Association, and this protection is known as a mouthguard.

An Inevitable Part of Your Sports Gear: The Mouthguard


A mouthguard is a small protective equipment that matches the shape of the mouth when inserted and will absorb the effect of shock or sudden force to the mouth. Thereby, it prevents accidental damage during sporting activities. It can minimize the risk of sports-related dental injuries up to 60 times.

It can come in different shape, and the unique feature of the instrument is that you can request for a customized one that will fit the shape of your mouth perfectly. There are various types of mouth guard:

  1. Off-the shell type – these are commonly sold in sports shops and large stores. They are very affordable guards that are produced in small, medium, and large sizes. You can fix them by positioning them in between the teeth. It is affordable, though, but it can bring discomfort. However, it is better than nothing.
  2. Boil and Bite guards – this mouthguard is heat sensitive. To use it, you have to apply heat to make it soft and then use the fingers, teeth, and tongue to give it the required shape that will fit properly into the mouth. Boil and bite guards are preferred to the off-the shell type, but the price is higher.
  3. Custom made mouthguard – this is a specific mouth guard that you order based on what you want. The shape, size, and other features are built specifically to suit your mouth.

A model picture of your teeth will be taken and used to prepare a protective guard which is strong, light, and can comfortably fit into your teeth. It can cost more, depending on the specifics that you want.

Customized mouth guards are the best if you can afford them because they last longer and protect you from the risk of having a damaged tooth.

Therefore, making a custom mouthguard as part of your sports skits wouldn’t be a bad idea if you are always engaged in sporting activities.

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