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Smile Makeover

smile-makeover-before-and-afterHaving a perfect smile is one feature you wouldn’t want to trade for anything. It boosts your social and professional engagement with people. It is saddening to discover that so many people cannot confidently smile in public. What is their reason for this? Simple; they do not like showing their teeth in public. Nevertheless, it is also fortunate to inform you that the process that will give you a perfect smile is right here.

This process is called ‘Smile Makeover.’ A comprehensive procedure that restores your facial and aesthetic qualities to produce a dramatic result within a short period.

Below are the significant initial steps involved in getting a makeover:

Take a look. Yes, this relies solely on you. You have to view yourself in a mirror to pinpoint what you want and what you do not require in your smile. To make it simple, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you satisfied with the whiteness of your teeth?
  • Are there any cracked or chipped teeth?
  • Do you feel as though you have a gummy smile?
  • Do your teeth seem too large or small?
  • Are you satisfied with the space and alignment of your teeth?
  • Are you self-conscious about crookedness or gaps?

Remember the famous adage that says, “Beauty lies within the eyes of the beholder.” Most of us want to have a perfect smile, while some of us are perfectly happy with a natural set of teeth. So, it is left to you to discover the specific adjustments that you want to get such perfection – and Dr. Carol Felder can help you with that.

Share your thoughts.

Communication is very vital when it comes to smile-makeovers. Your ability to relay your choice to the dentist matters a lot. If possible, get a digital image of what you want, and it is left for the dentist to create a procedure to achieve that. Also, the doctor will have proper consultations with you and proffer some useful advice regarding the process.

These dentists have been trained to quickly detect the right smile using a clue from your facial appearance.

Make a plan.

It is crucial to carry out an all-inclusive dental examination. Thanks to cosmetic dentistry, there are several options for tooth restoration and cure. However, the dentist has to check for any underlying conditions in the mouth or teeth because diseases can adversely affect the process.

Therefore, any pre-existing dental disease must be cured first before proceeding with the makeover process. For example, carrying out a tooth whitening process while there is an underlying decay will not last. And if you often drink staining beverages like red wine and coffee, porcelain veneers might be the better choice than teeth whitening treatments.

Try it out.

These makeover processes are established to provide a permanent outcome. Therefore, please try them initially to see the glimpse of the result. Many techniques can help you with this – 3-D imaging, computer imaging, and temporary restorations.

They will help you to have a feel of what your smile makeover will turn out to be, and also, guide your choice of makeover option. E.g., a case where Porcelain Veneer is likely to fit well compared to teeth bleaching.

Be prepared to get the perfect smile and radiate those teeth to the world just with a simple makeover process! If you are ready to start a smile makeover, contact Dr. Carol Felder for an initial consultation.

Make your dream smile a reality!