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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is becoming a very common general dentistry service because of the glow and confidence that comes with having white teeth., and how easy it is to do in office. A professional dentist carries out teeth whitening reliably and proficiently such that it helps you to smile with more confidence.

It is cost-effective and can produce a faster result within minimal time. For example, a simple teeth whitening in a dental office can deliver an outstanding effect within an hour.

It is a safe practice to carry out this treatment with a certified dentist to ensure that your gums and tooth-root surfaces are well protected. Moreover, it is better than the whitening substances you buy on the street because the dentist will examine your tooth condition properly.

Also, it is a highly unsafe practice to teeth whitening products to your teeth without the guidance of a dental professional. There are different types of whitening products depending on the situation of the tooth, and it would be best if you consult us before you take any steps.

Professional Teeth Whitening Methods

Dental whitening involves the use of concentrated bleaching substances that you cannot find at your typical pharmacy or store.

  • teeth-whitening-optionsIn-Office Whitening – This method is fast and proactive in giving you the best whitening treatment.  The dentist will initially assess your tooth and then proceed to shield the gums and tooth-root surfaces.  A retractor will be used to prevent your lips and cheeks from coming in contact with your tooth.
  • Take-Home Whitening — This is another efficient tooth whitening remedy. However, it does not produce an instantaneous result as the one above. You have a more significant role to play here towards determining the extent of your achievement as it can take some time to become visible.The dentist will take a sample of your teeth and use it to design two thin plastic mouth trays that will fit the upper and lower teeth, respectively. You have to regularly load the trays with whitening gel supplied by the dentist, and then use them to cover your teeth for up to an hour. You’ll repeat the process daily until results become visible.
How to Care For Your Teeth After Professional Teeth Whitening

There are some routines you need to adopt to protect your whitened teeth from subsequent discoloration and for a prolonged effect. Although durability depends on each individual, you must brush and floss the teeth daily.

Also, you have to restrain from foods and beverages that cause discoloration. Beverages such as red wine, tea, and coffee; and most importantly, say no to smoking. Finally, do not neglect to visit your dentist regularly for cleaning and check-ups.

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