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Tooth Contouring & Reshaping


especially when you smile? Most often, issues such as an imbalance in tooth sizes, shape, or length can be cured with a simple and affordable treatment called “tooth contouring.”

Tooth contouring is the process of refiling and reshaping the tooth by using a drill to craft the tooth such that adjacent tooth becomes equal in shape and size. It helps to refile the tooth by gradually eliminating the enamel until the desired effect is achieved. We often carry out this procedure on the most conspicuous part of the tooth (incisors and canines).

Tooth contouring can also be used to trim or reshape the tooth edges such that it either confers a feminine or masculine appearance to the tooth.

What Can You Expect From Tooth Contouring?

Consultation and examination come first in any dental procedure, and tooth contouring is no exception. The dentist, through appropriate analysis, will discover the cause and effect of your tooth imbalance and also inform you about the result.

In rare cases, tooth reshaping calls also take place to prevent gum disease. In such a situation, an x-ray may be deployed to separate and safeguard the inner sensitive gum tissues from any irritation or damage.

However, we mostly use tooth contouring technique to sculpt the enamel in the outer part of the tooth. Since the enamel is a nonliving component of the tooth, there is little or no need for administration of anesthesia in the process because it is an insensitive part of the tooth.

The process of sculpting and reshaping a single tooth can last up to thirty minutes – you’re likely to experience little vibrations while this is ongoing. After the process, you will notice the instant result immediately when you view your tooth in the mirror. However, you might experience temperature sensitivity to hot or cold foods for a few days after the process took place.

You can also merge the process of teeth whitening and tooth contouring to give your teeth the perfect whiteness and flawless smile. We can also combine the procedure with dental veneers or cosmetic bonding – two methods that are deployed to correct a more comprehensive tooth imbalance.

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