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Tooth Decay Prevention


Tooth decay, after the common cold, is the most common health condition that affects humans around the world. Negligence of this disease can lead to excruciated pain, tooth pain, and even severe sickness.

Reports have shown that one-fourth of US kids between the ages of two to five are affected, and about one-half of those between ages 12-15. However, you wouldn’t want to wait for actually be inflicted with tooth decay before you take proactive steps to curtail any possible decay and tooth damage.

Nevertheless, you must understand the fact that prevention of tooth decay does not occur “overnight” or “suddenly.” It is a gradual process and involves several maintenance routines that you must have put in place. These routines must include excellent oral hygiene and a consistent visit to the dentist for regular check-ups.

In cases of decay, the dentist utilizes hand-held instruments and other ultrasonic scales to eliminate plaques and tartar that build-up on your tooth over time. She will also cleanse your teeth and check for any possible build-up of decay or cavities and carry out the appropriate treatment where necessary.

Talking about preventive measures for tooth decay; we need to put some factors into consideration. Diet and daily brushing routines are very vital factors here.

What Leads to Tooth Decay?


The mouth is like an ecological environment that harbors a lot of organisms (living and nonliving). Some of these organisms are beneficial, while some are harmful, and these organisms live together in a complex interaction.

For decay to build up, bacteria play an essential role as it produces harmful acids that deprive the teeth of essential minerals. Although these acids are toxic, the saliva provides a counter-effect to prevent such attack.

Therefore, eating excessive acidic foods can cause an imbalance in this ecosystem, which favors the activities of these harmful bacteria. Therefore, our primary aim to prevent tooth decay is to ensure that we strike a balance between the acidic and alkaline environment of the mouth. This requires daily brushing, flossing, and reduction in the consumption of acidic foods.

Nevertheless, different individuals have different exposure to decay.

Other Ways You Can Prevent Tooth Decay

It is unfortunate if you find yourself struggling to maintain this neutral balance in your mouth’s ecosystem. However, some

sealantmeasures can help you to overcome this effect. Measures such as the use of special toothpaste, mouth wash, and topical fluoride administration by your dentist. Diet and nutritional changes are also vital here.

Also, if you discover that your child has a high risk of tooth decay, then, a dental sealant would be very useful in preventing that. A dental sealant is a thin colorless plastic resin that is used to cover the surface of the back tooth preventing bacteria activities. It is a painless preventive measure.

Finally, tooth decay in some people can become a menace. So, you should seek for measures from your dentist that will protect your tooth from bacteria attack.

If you are suffering from tooth pain, schedule a dental appointment with us today. Otherwise, make sure you’re up to date with your dental exams to ensure your teeth are healthy and not subject to tooth decay.

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