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Emergency Care

Whenever there is harm or sudden damage to the teeth, gum, or the tissues surrounding the tooth, then, there is a need to administer treatment immediately. However, it is pertinent that you know what to do in the case of the dental emergency, so that whenever it occurs, you can take the appropriate steps towards finding a solution.

What to do during a traumatic dental injury


One of the traumatic dental injuries you can experience is when any of your permanent teeth get knocked out. In such circumstance, the first and most safe measure you need to take is to pick it up without touching its root, very carefully rinse with water, and then replace it to its original position. As you do so, hold it without exerting any pressure and rush immediately to a dental clinic for emergency treatment.

However, if it’s challenging to fix it back to its original position, then, soak it in cold milk or put it in-between the cheek and gum.

In severe cases where the tooth was removed permanently from its position, the doctor needs to apply treatment within six hours. Moreover, if the bleeding persists, then, the patient has to be referred to the ER for immediate attention.

However, such critical cases are rare. The common traumatic injuries are cases of a chipped-off tooth. When this happens, it is advisable to look out for the chipped-tooth and bring it to the clinic because there are chances the dentist can still attach it.

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What to do during tooth pain or a toothache


The need might arise for urgent dental treatment whenever you experience persistent tooth pain. Often, these aches are as a result of the action of bacteria that acts on the food particles in the teeth to cause decay.

Decay can become a severe dental condition when it affects other parts of your mouth. Also, a disease in the root can lead to tooth pain, and in other cases, it can be as a result of tooth sensitivity. The best option here is to contact your dentist for a thorough examination.

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Gum Emergencies

The tissues surrounding the teeth, tongue, and even the walls of the cheek. These damages result from bites, concentrated liquids, falls, and sports-related injuries. Also, you can experience gum pains from the invasion of harmful microorganisms that can grow to cause severe damage to the gum.

Another thing that can lead to gum damage is periodontal abscesses – a sac-like appearance on the gum, which contains pus, and is as a result of infection.

You can administer first aid treatment such as dilute saltwater to temporary tissue problems. For bleeding, you can use a clean, moist material to cover the affected area for about 15 minutes. If it doesn’t stop, then, visit the clinic immediately.

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Orthodontic Emergencies

Orthodontic emergencies that occur are cases that are related to traumatic injuries that affect the teeth, gum, mouth, face, and these causes unbearable pains to the affected areas. Pain is often associated with orthodontics, but if there is a true emergency –the best solution is to consult your dentist as soon as possible.

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