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Orthodontic Emergencies

orthodontic-emergenciesOrthodontic emergencies occur when the aftermath of a treatment becomes unbearable. It is common to experience some sore or aches after an orthodontic treament because the teeth gradually assume its new position. Perhaps, it is fortunate to say that these cases of emergency are unusual.

Nevertheless, if you suspect an orthodontic pain, it is advisable to trace the cause of the problem first. It might be something you can quickly solve with home remedies, but if the situation is worse, then, you have to see a dentist immediately.

Major Emergencies

Although orthodontic emergencies are rare, the few ones include:

  • Teeth trauma.
  • Swellings resulting from infection to the mouth, gum, or face
  • Severe, uncontrollable pain in the mouth, gum, or tooth

Whenever you find yourself in any of these situations, visit the emergency room for urgent attention if that’s the best option. However, the best place to start is with a dentist. Let’s take a fractured tooth, for examine; the dentist will examine it and administer immediate treatment based on the situation you’re in (like experiencing infection).

Other cases that can cause these emergencies are infections which can cause unbearable pains in the affected parts.

Minor Orthodontic Issues

It is a good thing that most of the orthodontic complications are mild compared to the critical ones we discussed above. Nevertheless, they can also make you feel uncomfortable.

Therefore, whenever you observe any of these mild discomforts, try to ascertain the cause, and then, visit your dentist immediately. Below are some of the mild orthodontic complications that can usually be treated at home:

Loose or broken brackets, bands or wires – This occurs when you chew hard or sticky food, or due to excessive touching of the braces. It is best if you leave the bands or brackets untouched when it is still attached to the wires. Also, do not try to use an elastic to cover it. If you notice it is making the inner part of your mouth uncomfortable, then, try to use orthodontic wax to cover it, rather than elastics.

You can also contact us to diagnose the situation appropriately.

Misplaced or poking archwire, bracket or tie – This happens due to the movement of the teeth. In such a situation, the wires which bond the tooth (archwire) might begin to dab the cheek. Try to correct this by using a Q-tipped instrument or an alcoholic sterilized nail clip. You can also make use of tweezers to return the wire to its normal position.

Another solution is to use orthodontic wax to cover those metallic areas. Either way, always ensure you get guidance from your doctor.

General tooth pain or loosening

It is a well-known experience to discover that the teeth are loosening after an orthodontic procedure; this is because the tooth is moving. At times, you experience a tender feeling while the tooth moves, particularly when a brace is fixed or adjusted.

Generally, pain relievers can help in minor cases, and you can also use salt-water to cleanse your mouth twice per day. You can as well place a warm damp cloth on the jaws of the affected part to ease the pain temporarily.

However, as we have stated earlier, orthodontic emergencies are rare, because we aim to make the process a painless and hassle-free one.

If you’re experiencing a true orthodontic emergency, or another dental emergency, contact our offices for assistance.

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