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Combined Root Canal & Gum Problems

tooth-pain3It is often easy for you to know the exact tooth that’s causing pain in your mouth; however, in some situations, the pain can be so systemic that it will be difficult to figure out the affected area. In such a case, a disease in the root canal becomes the suspect.

The disease started in the pulp, or, the gums, and have diffused to several parts of the tooth, making it difficult to ascertain the symptoms of the illness. Irrespective of the source of the problem, an in-depth analysis will be carried out before any treatment can commence, provide the best solution to save the tooth.

Confusing Symptoms


These symptoms occur now and then with pains that may be aroused due to the consumption of temperature-sensitive foods, or from excessive pressure while biting. At some point, it seems like the pain emanates all around the tooth – or even from the sinus region above the back teeth.

Do not tread lightly with these signs as they can indicate an underlying dental condition, which may include root canal or gum issues. Some people try to endure the pain, hoping that it will stop after some time. Of course, that is true, but that can only take place when the tissues and nerves are dead. Do not rejoice over this because it can signify the start of a bigger problem.

Chicken or Egg?


Cases of critical infection in the pulp can cause the disease to go via a space at the apex of the root and outside the tooth to other periodontal ligaments. These ligaments hold the bone and gum tissue in place. If they, therefore, become infected, then, the gum will also get infected.

What is the outcome? A periodontal disease of course or even severe gum abscesses in some cases. If such occurs, you might experience excruciating pains, directed towards the affected tooth.

However, the spread can also move in the reverse – from the gum to pulp. If this occurs, the disease has to move via accessory canals to the pulp. If you have a fractured tooth, then it will spread very fast.

Treatment Methods

It can be a challenging process to treat a tooth with severely damaged gum and root canal. That is why early detection is the watchword here. Sometimes these problems start as minor root canal issues, and overtime, proceed to become serious complications that spread to the gum.

So, regardless of the pattern, immediate dental treatment is required to save the tooth. The dentist will diagnose the cause of the pain, and then, administer immediate treatment. The earlier the procedure, the higher the chances of restoring the tooth.

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