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Top Reasons to Choose Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most sophisticated teeth replacement option available today. The implant itself is made of titanium metal which has a unique ability to fuse with the bone to become one, and then, fitted with a crown.

The implant is not visible in the mouth as it is fitted right into the jawbone beneath your gum line where they serve the functions of the root of a tooth. The visible part is the artificial crown, which looks and feels exactly like the natural teeth.

Total implants required to hold your replacement teeth will differ based on the amount of tooth that needs to be replaced. They can also act as replacement for the entire tooth in your mouth.

A dental implant is the most preferred teeth replacement options even by doctors and patients alike because of the following reasons:

1. Most like natural teeth

Dental implants are made of titanium – giving them the ability to fuse strongly with the jawbone to provide firm anchorage for the replacement tooth that would be attached to them. They perform the functions of the root of a natural tooth.

It takes several months after the surgery for the implants to fuse solidly with the bones in the jaw before the replacement tooth are then attached to the implants. Your new tooth will look and feel exactly like the natural one, and you would perform a similar function of the natural tooth. They would be solidly in place and won’t slip just like removable dentures often do.

2. The longest-lasting tooth replacements

Unlike other teeth replacement methods such as removable dentures and bridgework, which requires replacement. Implants, when adequately cared for, can last a lifetime.

They become a part of your jawbone when allowed to heal appropriately and provides a long lasting solution to the problem of tooth loss. That is why it is the best teeth replacement option there is.

3. Ability to prevent bone loss

A bone rebuilds itself and stays healthy when it receives constant stimulation, and when it does not, it begins to degenerate.

When you lose a tooth or teeth, the bones directly under the tooth or teeth no longer receives the stimulation it needs to regenerate and consequently degenerates. This process could affect your facial appearance, and in extreme cases of bone loss, you could be vulnerable to jawbone fracture. Dental implants can avoid this situation as it will be fused with the bones and provide the stimulation needed for constant regeneration. No other teeth replacement method can do this.

4. Safe for adjacent natural teeth

Both removable dentures and bridgework depend on adjoining natural teeth for support. This support causes those healthy teeth to become stressed and would eventually cause them to become loose and even decay. Dental implants, on the other hand, are independent of any other teeth as they stand alone and are attached directly to the jawbone. Therefore, they do not cause any harm to the other existing teeth.

5. Dental implants are easy to care for

Taking care of your dental implant tooth is just as easy as caring for your natural tooth. They do not require special treatment, unlike the other tooth replacement method that requires special creams, adhesive or soaking removable dentures in a glass overnight.

Your dental implant teeth would never decay but could be compromised by gum disease. Nevertheless, maintain good oral hygiene and visit a dentist regularly for a checkup, cleaning, and examination. This will ensure your implant teeth last you a lifetime.

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