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Oral Health


Have you achieved “oral health,” whatever that means to you. Whether it’s a clean feeling mouth, fresh breath, or leaving a dental check up cavity free.

Keeping proper oral health includes teeth, tooth, tongue, gums, jaws, and cheeks. It can be challenging because at times you’ll need the help of a dentist together with other necessary things you have to put in place.

Among all the notable oral defects, tooth decay is the most pervasive chronic tooth disease. It affects two in every three kids between age 12-19 in the US. It is far prevalent than asthma and hay fever, and it is easily preventable. Other diseases that terrorize the mouth include periodontitis, which, if ignored, could result in tooth loss, and general body inflammation.

Most times, your oral health signifies the level of your overall body health. That is why, most often, diseases that affect other parts of our body exhibit some symptoms within our mouth. Similarly, oral infections can also reflect on different regions of our body.

How You Can Maintain Your Oral Healthbrushing-teeth

A regular visit to the dentist is very vital to our oral health. It does not only provide a cure to our dental ailment but also assesses the condition of our mouth and reveal any possible damage. Nonetheless, the methods through which you can keep healthy teeth, fresh breath, and pink gums, include the following:

  • Regular Brushing and Flossing. It would be of great help if you brush twice daily and floss at least once in a day. Such practice will help to eliminate plaques or bacteria that might have build-up on the tooth surface over time. These bacteria act on the food we eat, and most times, convert sugars in food into acids. Such acids are likely to erode the enamel and destroy the tooth, leading to decay.
  • Receive the Appropriate Profile. Fluoride is a vital mineral for the health of your enamel. It helps kids who have a developing tooth and also protect the adult tooth against decay. Even when your local water supply contains fluorine, you still have to use fluoride toothpaste.
  • Reduce your intake of snacks. Sugary containing snacks seems to be the right catalyst for decay bacteria. When you consume them very often, they increase the activities of bacteria in your tooth. Therefore, limit your sugar intake within meals and snacks.
  • Get the right mouth rinse. Therapeutic mouth rinse helps to hide mouth odors, but aside from that, they also positively affect your oral health. Mouth wash is made with antibacterial and anti-carcinogenic substances. Over the years, these mouthwashes have been proven to eradicate plaque build-up and prevent cavities.
  • Stop Smoking. Tobacco, especially those from cigarettes, cause a great danger to your health in general. It exposed you to oral cancer, heart disease, lung infections, and periodontal abscesses. If you are an addict, kindly seek help to quit as soon as possible.
  • Regular Oral examination. After you’ve imbibed these routines into your daily activities, ensure you also consult your dentist regularly. Moreover, if you notice any oral irregularities such as a broken tooth, sores, or swollen gum, do not hesitate to report to your dentist. Early diagnosis and treatment are always the best option in dentistry

Finally, the primary aim of dentistry is to provide everyone with the necessary guideline and materials to stay healthy. Do not hesitate to harness this opportunity. Call us today to schedule a dental exam and oral health check up.

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