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Oral Health


Have you discovered the true meaning of ‘oral health’? Does it imply having no cavity during your checkup? Anyway, that also signifies oral health, but this state is beyond not having tooth decay. It is simply a condition whereby the tooth does not harbor any diseases. Diseases such as gum gingivitis, oral cancer can seriously prevent you from eating correctly, and also, make it challenging for you to express your joy through smiling in such condition. Therefore, the overall well-being of your mouth is what we refer to as ‘oral health.’

It is essential that you understand these problems as it starts as small – easily cured conditions, but can develop into a severe state, if the proper treatment is not administered early. Some of these oral diseases do not only affect the mouth alone but also, cause discomfort in some part, if not all, of the body. For example, the presence of gingivitis, if not cured, can develop into a severe condition known as ‘periodontitis’ – here, the patients begin to lose all their teeth.

A missing tooth implies that the mouth and other organs of the body will no longer get the necessary nutrients for optimum performance.

How Can You Maintain Healthy Teeth?


Brushing is an inevitable habit you must adopt if you want to maintain sound oral health. The practice of brushing at least twice a day helps to eliminate plaques in the tooth region. It gives bacteria no chance to multiply in these areas. To achieve this, ensure you use fluoride toothpaste, along with a tooth floss to remove these plaques that hide between the teeth effectively

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a proper diet also play a vital role in keeping your teeth healthy. Although, you cannot regulate some genetic factors that might expose you to tooth decay, a maximum reduction in the number of sugary products you consume will substantially prevent your tooth from bacterial invasion.

Other lifestyle factors include regular exercise, no smoking habit, and medical check-up routine.

How Can Dentistry Help You?

It is not advisable that you visit the dentist only when you have oral problems – instead, this should be a periodic routine, because dentists are experts who also provide measures that prevent the occurrence of tooth decay. When you go for examinations, the doctor will check you for diseases such as decay, cancer, gum, and any other infection.

The doctor will also help you to wash the hidden part of your teeth, provide consultation, and answer any problem that bothers you regarding your oral health.

Therefore, ensure you do not hesitate to visit your doctor regularly; please do not wait till you develop a tooth disease. Having a regular schedule with your dentist could save you a lot of pain, money, and discomfort in the near future. So, work in unison with your dentist, and together, we can take proactive steps towards a healthy life.

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