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Bad Breath

Everyone has experienced foul-smelling breath before, it’s not uncommon. Bad breath is known as halitosis. In America alone, billions of dollars are spent annually in purchasing such products as a breath mint, mouthwash, etc. and they only provide a temporary solution.

A thorough investigation by a dental professional is needed to proffer a permanent solution to bad breath. Though anyone can temporarily have foul-smelling breath, for instance, when you wake up in the morning or when you eat an onion; this type of foul-smelling breath can be controlled by brushing.

Those people who continuously exude bad breath all day should seek a professional to find a long-lasting solution to the problem.

Causes of Bad Breath

Bad breath.

The mouth is a natural habitat for certain bacteria. A considerable amount of these bacteria is at the back of the tongue where they survive by processing stuck food particles, mucus, and skin cells that are dead.

As these microbes process these materials, a foul-smelling compound like that of a spoilt egg called volatile Sulphur compound (VSCs) is given off and is responsible for the bad breath that comes off the mouth.

Oral bacteria are not just limited to the back of the tongue in the mouth. They inhabit different places like in-between the teeth, under the tongue and even also in our oral appliances. Therefore, not taking proper care of the mouth and its devices could result not only to bad breath but also tooth decay and gum disease.

Apart from bad oral hygiene, there are several other health-related causes of bad breath. Having a bronchial disease or even a non-localized infection such as diabetes or kidney failure could cause one to develop foul-smelling breath.

The use of tobacco and particular drugs causes constant dryness of the mouth in some people, and this could increase the chances of developing bad breath. Hormonal fluctuations, passing through stress, and even your choices of food can affect the quality of your breath.

How Dentistry Can Help Your Bad Breath

Bad breath is an oral problem. Therefore, it is only reasonable that you seek the help of a dentist for possible solutions in which after examining you, could come up with the following recommendation:

  • Oral hygiene instruction. There is a possibility that your bad breath is as a result of you not taking care of your mouth the proper way. The dentist could give a demonstration on the appropriate way to brush your teeth and tongue and also the best way to clean your dentures.
  • Professional dental cleaning. The dental office provides some specialized instrument for teeth cleaning. These specialized instruments are used in getting rid of bacteria and food particles that are stuck in areas of the mouth that you can’t reach. This type of cleaning is the right way of ensuring good oral hygiene and having good breath.
  • Treatment of tooth decay. Having a hole in your tooth or teeth could result in having bad breath. Therefore, filling those holes and replacing other faulty fillings is an excellent way of reducing your chances of getting bad breath.
  • Treatment of gum disease. Gum diseases create the environment for bacteria to thrive, thereby increasing your chances of developing bad breath. Therefore, treating any gum disease you may have will reduce your chances of getting bad breath.
  • Treatment of infection. Infections of other parts of the body other than the mouth may lead to foul-smelling breath. So, it’s necessary to treat any infection that could cause you bad breath.

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