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Diabetes & Oral Health

periodontal-disease-can-affect-diabetes-thumbDiabetes is a disease that is gradually affecting significant countries in the world. It occurs due to the excess storage of fat in the adipose tissue, hence, leading to an obstruction in sugar processing.

If you have this chronic disease, you have to maintain proper oral health as you are more prone to oral infections and periodontal disease.

Periodontal diseases are very systemic and can also result in diabetes-related infections. They can cause cardiovascular infections such as stroke, high blood pressure, and pregnancy complications. Perhaps, recent studies have consistently linked diabetes to periodontal diseases.

Two Diseases With A Lot In Common

Scientists, over the years, have established a relationship between diabetes and periodontal diseases. It is because the body’s immunity is broken down due to diabetes. Hence, a diabetic patient is susceptible to different attack from bacteria and fungi.

Similarly, some studies have proved that severe gum disease can worsen blood glucose regulation among diabetic patient. Therefore, what is the link between these two diseases?

While it cannot be ascertained presently, it has, however, been established that the two diseases follow the same mechanism – inflammation and immune response. What does this imply? According to a large study conducted by scientists, a diabetic patient is twice more prone to a heart attack if he or she also has a periodontal infection.

Severe periodontal disease can lead to an inability for the body to control blood sugar level. In such a case, a degenerative health condition becomes inevitable.


A Two-Way Street

Although diabetes has no permanent cure, the condition can be managed effectively. The good news is that clinical research has proven that patients who treat their periodontal infections receive an equivalent boost in their overall health condition. Many will show improvement in their blood sugar regulation, while some, better metabolic functions.

So, What Type of Treatment is Required?

Treatment varies per individual; however, common cures include scaling and root planning, antibiotic procedures, oral health instructions.

Moreover, if you are prone to diabetes, then, there are some steps you can take to forestall its possible emergence. Although diabetes can be genetically related, overweight is a principal cause of this condition. Therefore, make sure you control the number of triglycerides and bad cholesterol foods that you consume. Also, sugary and carbonated drinks should be reduced to its minimum.

Imbibe a healthy diet plan coupled with regular exercises to safeguard you from the risk of diabetes.

Whenever you visit, kindly inform us about your previous health history as regards diabetes. So, it is our duty to examine and guide you in the steps to maintain good oral health to avoid complicating cases of diabetes.

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