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Missing Teeth

About 178 million people living in America have lost one or more of their adult teeth. A lot of people will want to go on living their lives like that but would end up experiencing the peculiar problems of tooth loss.

Some of the visible but less health impacting issues of tooth loss are; imperfect smile, difficulty to eat some food, and you could become embarrassed in public. Less obvious but more health impacting problems of tooth loss include: bone loss, malnourishment due to difficulty in eating and overall oral health could be compromised.

Nutritional Difficulties

Fruits, vegetables, and unprocessed foods are known to be of high nutritional value. But with tooth loss, it becomes difficult to eat or chew some of this food which provides you with the most nutrients.

This tooth loss could cause you to eat more processed foods which have less nutritional value, and this can result in malnourishment. Malnourishment can lead to a weaker immune system, which would make you more susceptible to illness.

Oral Health Issues

Missing just one or two teeth might not seem a big deal at first.  Over time, the problems that could arise would be of significance to both your oral and general health. When you lose teeth, other teeth tend to drift into the void left by the lost teeth. This occurrence could result in shaky teeth, difficulty in eating or chewing, tooth wear, and even tooth decay, among others.

Bone Loss

Tooth loss can result in bone loss, and the effect of bone loss is too significant to ignore. The bone needs constant stimulation for it to keep regenerating and maintaining its volume and density.

The teeth typically are responsible for stimulating the bone in the jaw, and when the teeth no longer provide these stimuli due to its absence, it begins to degenerate. The longer the jaw bone remains without stimulation, the more it decreases in height and width, causing the face to drop in height.

The face can also have a frowning appearance as the corners of the mouth turns downward. The gradual loss of the jawbone makes the jaw appear hollow. The long term effect of living with missing teeth can be severe; therefore replacing any missing teeth is very important.

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