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Nutrition & Oral Health

nutritionA well-balanced diet is not only beneficial to your overall health but has a direct effect on the gum and teeth. The formation of teeth begins right from pregnancy at around the sixth week and starts absorbing minerals at around the third or fourth month.

Pregnant women must consume foods with high calcium content, phosphorus, protein, and vitamin D as these are essential for proper development of the teeth.

As children grow, they should also eat food containing these nutrients as they are necessary for good teeth development during their teen years.

Oral tissues are regularly being recycled and would, therefore, be needing an adequate supply of nutrients to help this process. Tooth loss is common among older people, and this makes it difficult for them to eat and get the necessary nutrients needed to fight infections and stay healthy.

Regular consumption of fruits and vegetables have been found to reduce the chances of getting oral cancer and other types of cancer. It is therefore paramount that everyone, not minding their age, eat nutritious food to stay healthy.

Healthy Eating

There are several factors, such as weight, age, height, gender, and the extent to which you engage in physical activities, is considered when choosing the best diet for you. The following will help you in selecting a healthy diet:

  • Variety: Always try out different types of meals as there is no singular food with all the nutrients needed by the body.
  • Balance: There is a need to balance the nutrients we get from food by eating different types of food to get all the needed nutrients in the right proportion.
  • Moderation: Food and drinks consumed should be in sizable quantities. Excessive eating and drinking will eventually cause us to have too many calories, and sugar in our body and these are bad for both oral and overall health.
Protecting Your Teeth


The foods and drinks you take significantly affect tooth decay and enamel erosion. The mouth is habitat to both helpful and harmful bacteria, and the harmful bacteria survive by feeding on any sugar found in the teeth. Acid is produced as these toxic bacteria process sugar present in the food we eat.

This acid damages the enamel causing the formation of small holes in the teeth called cavities. If not treated, tooth decay can cause a great deal of discomfort and can cause total damage of the teeth.

Avoid foods and drinks with added sugar as they are harmful to the teeth. The sugar present in foods like vegetables and fruits, grains, and regular foods like rice, potatoes, and bread are not known to have any adverse effect on the teeth.

The effect of soft drinks on the teeth is so significant as they have very high sugar content and are highly acidic. On contact with the teeth, the acid in soft drinks immediately starts eroding the teeth.

Though there are some sugar-free drinks, they still contain acid which will cause tooth erosion. Avoid brushing your teeth just after having a drink containing acid. The acid would have softened the enamel and brushing at this time will only result in the scraping off of the already weakened enamel. Instead, use water to rinse your mouth.

Make it a habit to always take a lot of water as it helps the production of saliva and saliva helps in neutralizing acid, thereby protecting the teeth against erosion.

Eating sugary substances all day long is unhealthy as the saliva does not get the chance to neutralize all the acid produced from the food you eat. So if you must take in sugary stuff, try to do so during mealtime so that the saliva will have enough time to neutralize the acid produced.

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