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Oral Piercings

tongue-ringMany people are intrigued by such things as oral piercings, lip rings, and cheek studs. Regardless of your opinion on oral piercings, the most important thing is to be aware of its implications on your oral health.

The Journal of the American Dental Association records that, intraoral piercings are most of the time done on the tongue and lips. The stud or whatever is place in the tongue or lips will occasionally come in contact with the structures in the mouth, and this can cause dental issues.

Dangers of Oral Piercings

The tongue is a highly vascularized organ with several nerve endings; any cut on the tongue will be very painful and can lead to the loss of lots of blood. During a tongue piercing, a hole is made in the tongue in which a metal stud is placed.

During this procedure, the chances of getting an infection or a disease like hepatitis B, which are blood-borne, is very high. Occasionally, the face becomes swollen and in pains after getting a piercing.

Increased tooth sensitivity and pain can result from the frequent contact between the stud and the teeth. The teeth can also become fractured, thereby making it necessary for tooth restoration. Tooth already restored are more likely to be damaged by the stud.

The presence of jewelry in the mouth can cause the production of too much saliva, interfere with speech, and lead to malnourishment as eating could become difficult.

Oral piercings can cause gum disease. Initially, this occurs as a wound to the tissues of the gum. Subsequently, the gum starts to recede. Gum recession is as a result of a loss bone in the jaw. Gum recession exposes the root of the tooth, and this can lead to the decay of the tooth.

The tooth root is not as protected as the tooth crown, and this causes the gum to be diseased. Gum disease does not only cause harm to your oral health but can also negatively affect your overall health.

Your Health — Your Choice

If you are getting an oral piercing, then you should be ready to care for your oral health actively. Before having that piercing done, contact a dental professional first so that you will know everything involved before taking that huge step in your life. And if you eventually get your piercing done, you have to go for checkups regularly.

There is a high chance of getting some dental or periodontal issues cause of the piercing. If you decide you do not want the piercing anymore, your dental professional will help you remove it. With it gone, your chances of getting any disease will be reduced drastically while improving your oral health.

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