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Preventive Dentistry

Early detection and treatment of oral diseases will save you lots of discomfort and money. Even better is the prevention of the occurrence of these diseases. It is always better to treat any oral disease as early as possible cause the longer it persists, the higher its effect on the health will be.

Modern dentistry is adequately equipped to provide accessible and affordable treatments for our general oral health. Preventive dentistry is all about tackling any oral related disease right from its infancy. This particular branch of dentistry will keep you in the most perfect and natural condition for the rest of your life.

Preventive Dentistry Procedures

There are several approaches to preventive dentistry, from those successfully used years ago to those that are more recent and are more technologically advanced. These methods include:

  • Cleanings. This method is essential and very important. There is no other way to remove anything that could cause disease or harm to the teeth than by physical removal. Frequent dental visits for professional teeth cleaning will help get rid of those disease-causing substances in the teeth, particular those that are in areas that are difficult to reach.
  • Dental Sealants. These are used to cover or fill up spaces in the teeth where bacteria could gather. They also indirectly protect the tooth form tooth hole.
  • Fluoride. This is a vital mineral as far as oral health is concerned. It makes the teeth stronger and protects the teeth against decay as well as tooth holes. They are readily available in toothpaste and community water. Visit your dentist if there is any need for fluoride to directly apply to your teeth.
  • Laser Decay Diagnosis. Laser lights are capable of detecting early tooth decay before they escalate, and are available in a dental office.
  • Mouthguards. Athletes mostly use these as they are more likely to sustain an injury to the mouth. They are built to sop up and distribute forceful impact, thereby reducing chances of injuring the mouth and its soft and hard tissues.
  • Oral Cancer Screenings. When caught early, cancer can be managed or cured. Regular dental checkups include checking for any signs of oral cancer, and this will help its early detection and treatment.
  • Salivary Diagnostics. This is a relatively new preventive dentistry method. Testing the saliva using this method could reveal the presence of any disease. Though the technology is unique, it is developing rapidly.
  • X-Rays. X-rays have been used for years to check for diseases that are invisible to the naked eyes. With the advancement in technology, multiple X-rays scan (CAT scan) can be used to detect such things as gum diseases, tooth decay, tumors, and so on.
Your Part in Preventive Dentistry

All of the preventive dentistry procedures discussed above can only help you if you take advantage of them. Your effort in taking care of your oral health is the most important. Always brush your teeth, and floss regularly to rid your teeth of disease-causing plaques and your oral health will be in great shape.

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