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Various research has reinforced the importance of mouth rinse alongside regular flossing and brushing in maintaining a proper oral hygiene. These mouth rinses or washes, as some may call it, also help to reduce plaque, prevent tooth decay, and above all, limit putrid breath.

There are lots of mouth rinses scattered over various counters and drug stores, with different prescriptions and formulas. How do you recognize the best? Well, the answer will depend on your purpose for using the mouth rinse.

However, you also have to note that most of the common mouth rinses that you find over the counter are cosmetic. This implies that they’re built to provide a temporary sense of great smell to your mouth, but do not have any permanent benefits to your oral health. This isn’t a bad thing as long as it suits your requirement.

Perhaps, if you’ve been diagnosed with tooth decay or are prone to decay, then, you likely need a mouth rinse that is clinically certified.

Therapeutic Mouth Rinse

Therapeutic mouth rinses are built for oral hygiene. There are two separate categories:

Anticariogenic – designed to protect the tooth from decay or dental cavities. The primary ingredient in this type of mouth rinse is a 0.05% sodium fluoride solution. The best part of anticariogenic mouth rinses is its ability to reach almost every area within your teeth. So, if you’re susceptible to tooth decay or cavity formation, then, your best option should be an anticarcinogenic mouth wash.

Antibacterial mouth rinse – these are designed to regulate the growth of plaque-causing bacteria in the mouth. They are made up of active ingredients such as triclosan, essential oils, or chlorhexidine. They help to fight against bacteria that forms a sticky biofilm (plaque).

Fluoride has a very vital role to play in protecting our enamel, and also, preventing the formation of a tooth cavity. Similarly, mouthwashes can act as a supplement for fluoride, which altogether, is necessary for our oral health.


Choosing A Mouth Rinse

If you want to purchase a mouth rinse over the counter, always look for a product with an American Dental Association seal on it. It implies that such a product has been tested and licensed by a group of dental professionals.

Also, if your dentist prescribes a mouth rinse for you, kindly ensure you follow the directions as prescribed. Although mouth rinses are very good for our overall oral hygiene, children below six years old should not use this product.

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