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Laser Dentistry

Pain-free dentistry is the latest development in the world of this profession, and it is here to stay. Our team of competent doctors always advocate for a pain-free dental process. As such, we have garnered a quantum of knowledge in the area of Laser Dentistry.

Laser dentistry refers to painless dental procedures used to treat both the hard and soft tissues in the mouth.

The Solea Laser

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The Solea laser is a recent technology that is used on the soft and hard tissues in the mouth. We have selected this equipment, and it has the approval of the agency for food and drug administration. It can be used in teeth, gum, oral bones, and the tissues. The Solea laser operates using carbon dioxide gas, and it helps to treat conditions such as:

  • Non-uniform gum
  • Diseased gums (resulting from tooth abscess or periodontitis)
  • Enamel and dentin decay
  • Pitted enamel
  • Other issues that have to do with cavities and gums. All these treatments can take place within a single visit to the doctor.
What are the advantages of Laser Dentistry?

Aside from the immense technology benefit it offers, it has provided a great form of relief for several patients during dental operations. It helps to eliminate pain and anxiety. The Denver Delete Research Center has identified fear as the most common reason why people avoid thorough dental treatments.

The invention of laser dentistry has brought reassurance to many people. This is because there is no need to fear, and the process takes place within a short period.

Also, with our Solea Laser, anesthesia and multiple dental visits become a thing of the past. Yes, that is because, with Solea Laser, our patients do not require such visits.

Advantages of Laser Dentistry

Overall, the biggest advantage benefits the patient. Individuals who have been treated with the Solea laser report that they are exceptionally comfortable and anxiety-free. According to the Dental Fear Research Center at the University of Washington at Seattle, dental phobia is one of the biggest reasons people avoid getting the routine care and restorative procedures they need. Laser dentistry helps these individuals feel little to no fear–often simply because they spend far less time in the dental chair.

In other words, laser dentistry provides us with an excellent opportunity to treat a wide range of oral conditions without the need for cutting, bleeding, or suturing.

What are you waiting for?

With the use of the recent technology in oral dentistry, do not hesitate to visit us for any of your modern, cosmetic, or restorative dental services. Our team of experts are always ready to attend to you and give you the best treatment within a short period.

Why wait to get the most modern preventive, restorative and cosmetic dental services available?
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