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Adult Orthodontic Treatment

A good smile is beneficial, both professionally and socially. Many adults are coming to realize the importance of a pleasant smile, and it has made those needing orthodontic treatment to waste no time in getting it. For instance, having your teeth straightened can significantly increase your confidence and self-esteem.

Most adult orthodontic appliances are inconspicuous. They are made so to offer some level of privacy in the treatment options.

Although, there are no age barriers to the use of braces since age is not a factor to the movement of healthy teeth. But adult orthodontic treatment differs from treatment in adolescent in 2 ways. Firstly, orthodontic appliances can not cause any change in the jaw structure of an adult. Unlike in children, the jaw of an adult is entirely developed, and no further modification can occur.

Secondly, gum infection is common in adults. During the time you are wearing your orthodontic appliances, the teeth need to move through its surrounding bone. This movement is achieved by applying a mild force to the teeth.

Having unhealthy gum tissue during orthodontics can lead to bone loss and reduce your chances of getting better teeth in the long run. Therefore, before starting your orthodontic treatment, any infection of your gum should be treated. During orthodontics, it is essential to regularly clean your teeth professionally and also maintain good oral hygiene.

Types of Orthodontic Appliances

Every orthodontic appliance function in a similar way. They move teeth into its correct alignment by consistently applying mild force on the teeth. There are now several designs of orthodontic appliances that can be employed in the application of these forces. Orthodontic appliances designs that are appropriate for the lifestyle of an adult have been developed. The following are types of orthodontic appliances:

metal-bracesTraditional Metal Braces — These are the regular types of braces. They consist of small metal braces which are readily visible when worn, as they are attached to the front of the teeth.



clear-bracesClear Braces — These types are made of ceramic or plastics. The brackets are clear, and this makes the braces less noticeable when worn, except for the wires that run through the brackets. These types of braces are prone to breakage.



clear-alignersClear Aligners — These types of orthodontic appliance are detachable. They consist of clear plastic trays that completely covers each of the teeth and slowly move the teeth into its proper position.




lingual-bracesLingual Braces — They are fixed at the back of the teeth, which makes them unnoticeable. They are costlier, and getting used to it is hard.

After Orthodontic Treatment

Retainers are used in holding your teeth in place after an orthodontic treatment until substantial supporting bone develops around them. Not utilizing a retainer will result in the teeth moving back into their previous positions, and that will be bad.

Your dentist will give you instructions on how to maintain your teeth and preserve your new found smile for many years.

Make your dream smile a reality!