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Brushing & Flossing with Braces

The need for proper brushing and flossing when wearing braces can not be overstated. Regular brushing tools such as soft bristle and bi-level brushes are efficient in cleaning braced teeth. Electric brushes are also useful, but caution needs to be applied when using them. When using an electric brush, do not allow your braces to be hit by the back of the brush.

Also, the power level of the brush should be moderate. Brushing with fluoride toothpaste should be done for a minimum of two minutes, twice every day. All the surfaces of the tooth- the inside, outside and chewing surface, should be brushed properly.

Food particles easily get trapped in-between brackets and gum and in-between wires and teeth. Therefore, these areas should be carefully cleaned when brushing.

A recommended way of brushing- Start brushing from the outer surface of the teeth by gently moving your brush in a circular motion against the surface of the teeth. To clean in-between the braces and gum, you need to slant the brush in the direction of the gum as you are brushing.

Next, are the chewing surfaces of the teeth which are cleaned by to and fro movement of the brush. Lastly, the inner surface of the teeth should be cleaned the same way as the outer surface.


Special Brushing Tools


When facing difficulties in cleaning areas near brackets and wires, special brushing tools are employed. One of such type of brushes is the proxabrush. It has tiny bristles coming out of it like feathers. It can be used to clean areas that are not easily accessible such as around bands and brackets and beneath the wires.

The oral irrigator is also a type of specialized brushing tool. It helps to remove trapped food particles from the teeth by releasing a small stream of pressurized water on the teeth.


Although oral irrigator cannot replace a toothbrush or dental floss, they can be effectively used together with them. Daily flossing of the teeth and gum will keep them clean and healthy. A floss threader gets floss under the archwire of your braces.  All you need to do is thread the floss through the loop and then push the threader under the archwire. Now you’re able to floss!

Full Disclosure

There is a way of checking if your teeth cleaning techniques are efficient by using special vegetable dyes called disclosing solutions or tablets. When this vegetable dye gets in the mouth, it dissolves, and uncleansed plaques and food particles become revealed. Removing the plaques and food particles become easy as they are now clearly visible.

Caring for your teeth and gum now will ensure good oral health not only the in future but also a beautiful smile that will last a long time. While you must brush and floss daily for great oral health, you should also make regular appointments with us for a dental cleaning.

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