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Invisalign for Adults

The word orthodontics brings typically to mind teenage kids wearing metal braces on their teeth. Several other orthodontic patients require braces, so it is not just limited to adolescent kids. There are now particular types of braces that can substitute the regular metal braces, you know. One such kind is the Invisalign® clear aligners.


Unlike regular metal braces, Invisalign clear aligners are typically invisible when worn. They are made of polyurethane plastics and are entirely detachable. These clear aligners are made to be appropriate for several situations such as eating, flossing, brushing, and even important social gathering.

Though the aligners are removable, you should make sure to wear them as recommended. Some advantages of these Invisalign® clear aligners are:

  • Improved Oral Hygiene — Unlike the unremovable metal braces, this detachable aligner will enable easy and proper cleaning of the teeth.
  • A Discreet Look — These clear aligners are practically invisible. So they offer the best type of private orthodontic treatment. You can move about with them, and nobody will know they are on your teeth.
  • More Food Choices — With metal braces, you might need to avoid certain types of food that could compromise the metal. But with Invisalign clear aligners, you can have whatever kind of food you want as they won’t harm the aligners by simply removing them.
  • Comfort – Unlike metal braces, materials used in making Invisalign will not irritate the soft tissue of the mouth.
  • Teeth-Grinding Protection — Invisalign® clear aligners can protect against bruxism by serving as a thin night guard.

Over the years, clear aligners have become more efficient in treating orthodontic problems. They can now correct several teeth misalignment that they couldn’t do some years back. Traditional braces are still the best treatment options in some cases.

How Invisalign Works


Invisalign clear aligners have the same mode of operation with traditional braces. They gradually force teeth into its proper position.

A plan for correcting your teeth alignment is made using specialized computer software. The correction will happen in stages. For each stage, two aligners are made for the upper and lower teeth, which you can wear for at least 20 hours per day for two weeks. After the first stage, you will move on to the next and on until the desired result is accomplished.

Over the years, eruption tabs and compliance indicators have been added to Invisalign to make them appropriate for children. Eruption tabs provide adequate space for molars not fully grown. Compliance indicators enable dentist and parents to know if their children are using the Invisalign as recommended.

Caring for Your Teeth During Invisalign Treatment

When food debris gets stuck in your aligner, it could lead to tooth decay and gum infections. To prevent such occurence, clean your teeth after every meal or snacks. You also need to brush your aligners and rinse them with warm water regularly. After treatment, retainers should be worn as recommended to preserve your new smile.

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