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Invisalign for Teens

invisalign-logoThere is a new unique orthodontic appliance that is custom made for teenagers and helps restore the smile to their face. This appliance is called Invisalign Teen®, and they consist of transparent detachable aligners placed over the teeth.

The removable feature of Invisalign Teen® enables you to eat whatever you want and properly clean your teeth. The clear aligners of the Invisalign make it practically invisible when worn.

Clear aligners have many features which are appropriate for kids, and so they are fast becoming a preferred treatment option among teenagers. Though in some cases, traditional metal braces still are the better treatment option.

Invisalign Teen® is made of thin plastic trays is worn over your upper and lower teeth. The correction to your teeth will happen in stages, and you will wear different aligners for each step. Specialized computer software receives information about your present teeth position and the proper position where they should be.

With this information, the software helps in making a series of aligners that will over several stages, move the teeth into its proper position. Each aligner in the series will cause little movement in the teeth, and you will wear them for about two weeks.

After achieving the aim of each stage, you will move on to the next step and a new aligner. Over time all the little movement of the teeth brought about by the aligners will cause correction of your teeth.

A Clear Distinction

Clear braces have several demerits over the local metal braces. They are removable and therefore allows you to eat anything to you want. They can also be removed when you want to attend an important social gathering, though they are very hard to notice when you are wearing them.

These removable clear braces allow proper flossing and brushing of all part of your mouth. But with metal braces, it is difficult to clean all part of the mouth.

Another advantage of clear aligners over metal braces is that clear aligners produced from plastic does not irritate the cheeks and gum.

Also, with clear aligners, there won’t be any need for braces repair as the aligners hardly develop issues. With aligners, you will have plenty of choices in your diet as there is no restriction on what you eat.

An Aligner Just for Teens


In the past, clear aligners were not recommended for children for two main reasons. Firstly, aligners are designed to be worn for about 22 hours daily, and it was thought that children might not be disciplined enough to keep to that recommendation.

Secondly, most teenagers still have permanent teeth erupting, and this could disturb the movement of the teeth the aligners are to make.

Fortunately, there has been an improvement to the clear aligners that have made them appropriate for teenagers too. The aligners also have, in addition, compliance indicators to make teenagers wear them for the recommended time and also to allow dentist and parents to monitor the compliance level of the children. Eruption tabs account for space into which developing molars will grow.

Clear aligners with its desirable features have become the preferred option for both teenagers and adults. Do you think Invisalign Teen® is right for you? Schedule an appointment today for a consultation.

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