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Orthodontic FAQs

What do orthodontists do?

They are dentists specially trained to diagnose and treat issues with position, teeth alignment or spacing, and anomalies of the face and jaw. These dental problems are corrected using different special treatment, including braces and other oral devices.

Why should I get orthodontic treatment?

People typically get orthodontic treatment for two reasons: aesthetics and function. An attractive smile gives an enhancement to your self-image and changes the way people see you. Getting an orthodontic treatment will increase better teeth function and improve both your oral and overall health.

When should I start orthodontic treatment?

Although age is not a barrier in getting orthodontic treatment, starting at an early age will make it easier to treat your problem. American Association of Orthodontists advises that children with orthodontic issues should have their first appointment by age 7.

How can I discover potential bite issues?

Some visible indications of an orthodontic problem are; protruding teeth, overcrowded teeth, and teeth coming out of position. Less obvious ones are: breathing with the mouth, always biting your cheek, speech difficulties.

Excessive thumb sucking in children past age 3-4 is also included. Other indications include unusual sound or movement in the jaw when you open and close your mouth; the teeth do not correctly align when you close your mouth.

Does getting braces hurt? What about wearing them?

The procedure to fix braces is painless. Minor pain and ache may occur in the first few days of fixing the braces. Soreness may also arise from the periodic adjustment of the braces. These discomforts can be relieved with regular pain relievers, although they are unnecessary.

How long will treatment take?

It differs individually but generally takes about 6-30 months to wear braces and other orthodontic appliances. We will also wear a retainer for some months after treatment.

How often will I come in for orthodontic appointments?

It depends on the type of treatment given and how regularly you are to be monitored. Typically, visits are once every 4 to 10 weeks.

Will I need a tooth extraction?

Extraction might be necessary if you have crowded teeth resulting from your smallmouth not able to contain all your teeth. Or if you have some teeth trapped under the gum line by other teeth.

Will I have to watch what I eat?

YES.  Avoid food that can damage your braces or get trapped in them. You will receive a list of appropriate types of food.

Will I be able to play sports/ play my instrument?

You can partake in sports but always remember to wear a mouthguard. You may need some adjustment period after which you will be able to play your instruments just as you could before.

Do I still need to see my regular dentist while I’m getting orthodontic treatment?

Yes, and it’s more important than ever. Maintaining proper oral health can be difficult with braces, and a dentist will help keep your teeth free of plaque and decay.

Will I wear a retainer when my braces come off?

Retainers are essential as they make sure your teeth do not shift out of their new position. You will always need to wear them.

Is orthodontic care very expensive?

The cost of orthodontic care is nothing compared to living with teeth issues. Having orthodontic treatment is relatively affordable, and there are flexible payment options available. Getting your needed orthodontic care is an investment in your health.

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