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Types of Braces

Wearing fixed braces is a huge part of the treatment of most orthodontic patients. The most common type of braces are the traditional metal braces, though there are new types that are fast becoming adopted by the majority.

What differentiates fixed appliances from removable appliances? – Fixed appliances are an undetachable device attached to the teeth until you complete your treatment. They are attached to the teeth by special cement or metal bands.

Removable appliances are not permanently fixed to the teeth, as you can remove them anytime. An example is clear aligners which are designed to be worn for at least 22 hours daily, but you can remove them when need be. Fixed appliances are mostly used for thorough treatments while mild to moderate orthodontic problems are treated effectively with clear aligners.

Metal Braces


Traditional metal braces are the most prevalent orthodontic device and are made of quality stainless steel. The metal bands of braces enfold on the molars at the back. The front surface of the teeth holds the small metal brackets, which are cemented to them.

The brackets have thin metal wires running through them. These wires guide the teeth into its proper position. Stretchy elastics or metal ties are used to fix the wires to the brackets.

Metal braces are still popular for good reasons- they are efficient, cost-effective, and reliable. Nowadays, metal braces are designed to be smaller, light-weighted, and more comfortable. Custom modifications may even be added to your braces if you want.

Ceramic braces


Clear ceramic braces are the same as the traditional metal braces only that they are less noticeable. They are made from transparent ceramic material, which makes them difficult to notice when worn. It is becoming the more preferred option for adults as it is appropriate for the lifestyle.

There is a constant improvement to ceramic braces as there are several types available. Though there are desirable they have few drawdowns- They are not as durable as metal braces, elastic bands get stained. They also cost more when compared to metal braces, but most people will prefer to pay for a device that offers some privacy.

Lingual Braces


Lingual braces can be said to encompass both metal braces and ceramic braces. They are same as metal braces and offer what ceramic braces offer- inconspicuousness. Lingual braces are metal braces fixed to the back of the teeth where they are practically invisible.

Not all orthodontic problems are treatable with lingual braces. They cost more and require specialized training to install them. They might prolong treatment and could take some time to get used to it. But overall, they offer the best type of invisible fixed appliances treatment.

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