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Your First Orthodontic Appointment

your-first-orthodontic-appointmentYour first appointment at the dental office is not just an exciting time, but also a vital step in the road to getting your desired result. In this meeting, you will be told everything concerning the treatment and what will be the service you will receive.

Budget at least one hour of your time for this appointment so that every necessary information can be covered and you can seek clarifications where needed. When you arrive at the office, a receptionist will get your required details before passing you through a dental professional to begin your full examinations and diagnostic works.

Making The Plan

Determining the necessary treatment to any problem found and the urgency with which to treat it is a significant part of the first appointment. The process begins by taking pictures of the present state of the teeth, then the X-rays of the teeth too. X-ray images will reveal information not seen with the naked eyes. Such information includes the growth and position of joint and bones and teeth still below the gum line.

In certain situations, the impression of your teeth will be taken to get the model of your bite. The problems to your teeth and how best to tackle it can be revealed from this information. The next step is to examine your teeth both by physically accessing it and asking you questions about them.

Some of the inquiries that will be made are- is an unusual sound made by the jaw when opening and closing the mouth? Do you experience any difficulty in swallowing or chewing? Your answers to the questions asked, and other information will be used to diagnose your problem, and a treatment plan will be made.

Discussing Your Treatment Options

After your diagnosis, it could be that nothing is wrong or that you will need an immediate or aftermath treatment. If you are to have your procedure at a later time, a periodic checkup will be necessary until it’s time to begin treatment.

Your first appointment is the most appropriate time to ask questions about your treatment plan, what to expect during the procedure, and several other questions. Some questions you can ask about are:

  • Can I benefit from orthodontic treatment?
  • What are the different available treatment options?
  • Is it better to get treated now or later?
  • Must I have my tooth extracted
  • What are my expenses and convenient payment options?
  • What is the Duration of the Treatment?

After your appointment, you should be fully aware of all that is involved in bringing a healthy smile to your face.

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