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Age One Dental Visit

New parents are often faced with numerous challenges on how to be good parents to their newborn. Their responsibilities include but not limited to- keeping their baby healthy and happy, helping them understand how life works and being financially and emotionally responsible for them. New parents may or may not get help in raising and caring for their newborn. But regarding the oral health of their infants, there is plenty of assistance to be rendered, all they need do is take that first visit to the dental office.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that by age one, a child should have their first checkup. At that early age, there are just a few little teeth in the baby’s mouth. There are measures that we can begin to take to prevent problems from occurring in the future.

Tooth decay and cavities occasionally occur at an early age in some kids. When you go for an early visit, these problems will be caught on time and treated. You will also be taught the appropriate oral care for your child.

Preparing For Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Children have a weird way of knowing how their parents feel at any given moment. It’s normal to feel nervous about your child first dental visit. It is best to hide that feeling so that your child doesn’t sense your nervousness. There is no need to be nervous as the first visit involves just talking to you and your child and assessing his/her mouth and oral health. It will be beneficial to speak with your child about what they should expect during the visit and also make them feel relaxed about it.

It is advisable to come along with toys, extra diapers, and snacks. Bringing your other kids could distract you and the little patient, so they should be left at home. In situations where you can’t leave your other kids at home, then come along with another adult to help with the other kids while you focus. If you can, fill out forms before the D-day to save time and effort when you eventually come.

The Checkup

When at the dental office, physical assessment of your child’s mouth will be done to check for early signs of dental problems, and also determine the possibility of such a problem occurring in the future. This initial assessment can not only reveal problems at their early stage but also possibly reverse them. Thereby preventing a more invasive treatment option in the future.

Lastly, there are several ways to properly care for your oral health, which will be discussed. Tooth decay is a common dental problem in children, and how to protect your child against it will also be addressed. Effective brushing and cleaning techniques will be taught as well as how to apply fluoride if needed. When your child clocks one, do not hesitate to make that first dental visit as it could save your child from a lot of impending problems.

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