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Cosmetic Gum Surgery


Several factors contribute to having a charming smile; sometimes, we only acknowledge the teeth factor. However, you should also understand that the gum tissues around those teeth are also vital elements that determine the level of beauty of your smile.

Several cosmetic factors control the gum tissues. For example, when you smile, and you get this gummy sensation within you – that’s a gummy smile. Another one is when you smile, and it appears that your teeth are either too short or long.

In some other situation, you might notice an ununiformed gum line – gum tissues cover some teeth more than the other. Whatever the condition might appear to be, there is a perfect cosmetic treatment available to correct the situation.

Cosmetic Gum Problems

Let’s broaden the description of common possible cosmetic gum problems that you can encounter.

Excess Tissue

This occurs when there is more than the usual amount of tissue extending to the enamel and covering a higher part of it. It will consequently result in a gummy smile. In such a situation, a treatment called ‘crown lengthening’ is used to remove the excess gum tissue (or bone) so that more of the enamel can be visible.

Receding Gums

This is a condition where the gums shrink and reveals a more substantial part of the tooth’s root. It is easily noticeable because the tooth root appears more yellow than the crown. When your roots are revealed, they become susceptible to decay and temperature sensitivity.

A gum grafting process can be used to correct this condition, and most of them involve the movement of the gum tissues from one point in the mouth to another. For instance, tissues obtained from the roof of your mouth can be used to cover an exposed root, because these tissues have almost the same characteristics.

Sometimes, lab-tested tissues from another individual (donor) can be used to fix the problem. It all depends on the negotiations you have with your medical professional.

Uneven Gum Line

If your gum line appears to be uneven (more tissue covers some teeth than the other), then, ‘reshaping’ will take place. To carry this out, we either use a surgical scalpel or a more modern dental laser technology. Lasers are more preferred because they ensure the tissue is sealed and heals faster.

What to Expect After Cosmetic Surgery

The surgical process can take place at the office; most times, your doctor only needs local topical anesthesia to carry out the procedure. Laser cosmetic surgery is quite simple to carry out and does not leave a wound. However, s proper examination of the area needs to take place first in order to determine the right laser treatment to apply.

If the tissue was extracted from the roof of the mouth, then, the grafts might require a longer time to heal. In such circumstance, two areas are affected – the donor site (the mouth roof) as the recipient (where the tissue was transferred to). Both sites will need to be stitched with dissolving stitches

Whichever cosmetic surgery your dentist recommends for you, it can perform magic in restoring your beautiful smile.

Make your dream smile a reality!