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Anesthesia Wand

anesthesia-wandPeople who have a phobia for needles will be glad to hear of a new technology called the anesthesia wand. This device is a tool used in giving dental injections and is computer-operated. It resembles a pen, and the injection needles are invisible and painless, making it appropriate for people with a needle phobia.

How it works

Your anesthesia will be given to you through a dental wand, which is a pen-like syringe-free device connected to a computer. Before the insertion of the wand’s tiny needle, the machine delivers a minute amount of anesthetic to numb the insertion site.

After the insertion of the needle, the computer measures and steadily delivers the exact amount of anesthetic needed. The computer adjusts the needle to suit different tissue densities while still maintaining a regular flow of anesthesia. This device prevents the injection of irregular doses of anesthetic into someone due to injection anxiety.

Advantages of an Anesthesia Wand

A critical benefit of the device is:

  • It does not instill fear in people who are afraid of a regular syringe.
  • It can be used together with other sedation methods, like nitrous oxide, for a more relaxing treatment.
  • It provides a painless injection for several dental treatments.
  • The wand consistently delivers an exact amount of anesthetic conveniently.
  • It is straightforward to handle the wand as it is shaped like a pen.
  • Anesthesia wand helps people overcome their fear of getting an injection.

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