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Digital Dental Impressions


For years, the method used in getting the impression of your teeth was by biting down on a putty-like material. A 3-dimensional model of your teeth would be created using this material, and then it would be taken to a dental lab for the production of a custom-made crown. But with the technological advancement of the 21st century, a more efficient method has been developed. This method involves a small handheld wand which uses a digital camera and some reflective dust in capturing the model of your teeth in 3-D.

Here’s how it works

The first step includes preparing the tooth surface, and this is done by removing any decay and shaping the remaining tooth to fit a crown or filling correctly. Reflective material is then applied to the affected tooth in order to enable the recording of multiple images of the tooth’s surface. The images are recorded with a scanning wand and connected to a computer. The computer generates a 3-D model of the tooth using the images captured by the wand.

Every nooks and cranny of your tooth’s surface is precisely captured by the blue wavelength light of the wand and the created 3-D model. With this device, tooth and bite examination is instant. Any additional prep work needed is readily identified and implemented by the device.

Once the captured images are certified Ok, they go to the lab for the fabrication of your crown. With this new technology, a single visit is enough to get your restorative procedure done.


How this technology benefits you
  • With this technology, there is no need for gagging or the discomfort that is associated with the traditional method of getting your dental impression.
  • Tooth preparation can be instantly accessed.
  • This technology makes it possible for you to have your tooth restoration done in one visit.

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