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Laser Decay Diagnosis


The use of laser in the health care industry is becoming prevalent. Lasers are now used in detecting tooth decay and cavities that conventional methods might miss. With the combination of laser, the traditional way of detecting tooth decay becomes very efficient. Some of the benefits of laser technology are:

  • Early detection of cavities.
  • It could help cut the cost of dental treatment by reducing the size and number of fillings needed.
  • They are very accurate in detecting cavities, thereby reducing the chances of unnecessary teeth exploration.
How Laser Technology works


Laser technology provides a noninvasive method for cavity and decay detection. It uses the reflection of light in determining whether or not there is decay or a cavity found in one’s mouth. The reflection or fluorescence of a decayed tooth is different from that of a healthy tooth, with the level of fluorescence in a decayed tooth is significantly higher than that of a healthy tooth.

The level of fluorescence is proportionate to how advance the decay has gone. Displayed numerical figures represent the degree of fluorescence, and also a sound is emitted depending on the degree of the decay present.

Why is this so important?

It might be difficult to detect tooth decay presently compared to the past. This phenomenon is attributed to improved oral hygiene and the increased use of fluoride present in toothpaste and tap water. Fluoride protects teeth by hardening the enamel, but sometimes the hardness is so thick that decay gets concealed. In such situations, it becomes difficult to notice even with traditional x-rays.

Before the emergence of laser scanners, the dentist had only x-rays and a slender pick to rely on when identifying cavities. With laser scanners, there is a 90% detection accuracy, and this means that cavities can get detected and treated early on. Before you know it, your oral heath will be in tip top shape.

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